UW-Green Bay creating Alumni Earth Caretaker Award

The Environmental Management and Business Institute (EMBI) of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is seeking nominations for its first-ever Alumni Earth Caretaker Award.

From its earliest days UW-Green Bay has cultivated a national reputation as a leader in environmental studies and management. This award will recognize a UW-Green Bay graduate who has gone on to make contributions in their field of study and to the environment.

The award ceremony will take place on April 23, 2010, at the Meadows Conference Center, Kepler Drive, Green Bay, during the EMBI’s Green Innovations Conference. The two-day conference (April 22 activities are held on the UW-Green Bay campus) is one of many activities planned for UW-Green Bay during Earth Week. The EMBI seeks to promote environmental awareness and eco-friendly initiatives for a more sustainable future.

Nominees for this Earth Caretaker Award will be alumni who have distinguished themselves in their profession, and are highly regarded for their accomplishments in the areas of sustainability, environmental management, environmental policy or other closely related areas. The nominees’ record of achievement should cover an extended period of time, demonstrating continuity of performance and maturity.

Nominees need to hold an undergraduate or graduate degree from UW-Green Bay, and have at least 10 years of experience beyond the University. Nominated graduates will be notified and asked to submit a letter of application, résumé and any additional information they wish to provide, such as letters of recommendation. Nominees who turn in all necessary documents, but are not selected for the award, will remain in consideration for three years.

The deadline for submitting a nomination is March 19. Nomination information and forms can be found at: www.uwgb.edu/embi/award/. Or by calling EMBI Co-Directors Prof. John Katers (920) 465-2278, or Prof. John Stoll (920) 465-2358.


R. Terry Anderson

I teach English Composition and handle media and marketing for the Institute for Learning Partnership.

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