Leilani Munter — speed demon and eco-advocate — to stop at UW-Green Bay

Leilani Munter, an accomplished race car and stunt driver who also describes herself as a dedicated environmentalist, will speak at 8 p.m., Tuesday, March 2 in the Phoenix Room of the University Union.

Leilani Munter (photo by Craig Davidson)

Leilani Munter (photo by Craig Davidson)

Munter may drive an auto at 200 miles per hour for a living, but she says that doesn’t preclude her from striving to live a carbon neutral life. Her appearance is sponsored by the Office of Student Life and is in keeping with the UW-Green Bay Common Theme: “Realizing our Sustainable Future.”

Munter will talk about her journey as a self-professed vegetarian/hippie chick/race car driver, as she sorts through some of the facts and fiction about organic food, alternative fuels, clean energy and driving really, really, really fast.

The mission of Leilani’s “Eco Dream Team” is a call to action directed at the 100 million race fans in the U.S. to spread awareness about sustainable living practices and legislation.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Munter received her bachelor’s degree in biology, specializing in ecology, behavior and evolution at the University of California-San Diego. She started driving race cars in 2001 and spent six years working her way through NASCAR’s developmental leagues before attempting open-wheel Indy car racing. She has also been a race instructor and correspondent for NASCAR.

Munter’s resume also includes experience as a photo double and stunt driver for actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. Munter has done stunts in the movies The Scorpion King, Traffic, Ocean’s Eleven and Almost Famous.

This event is free and open to the public.


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