UW-Green Bay students won, too, with ESPN cast of Dec. 7 Packers game

Nearly a dozen UW-Green Bay students, most majoring in communication with an interest in video production, enjoyed a good night’s work at Lambeau Field last Monday night (Dec. 7). Mike Schmitt of Media Services assembled the crew for Kwok Productions of Irvine, Calif., which worked the game for ESPN. Eight of the students were on the field in support of cameras and camera people, responsible for cable pulls, Steadicam assist, and tear down. Three others were upstairs as production assistants.  Says Schmitt, “I try to get them experience beyond the classroom and this is one of the highest profile events they can work from a viewership standpoint.  I received positive feedback on the experience from the students.” ESPN’s total staff for a Monday Night Football game such as the Dec. 7 Green Bay/Baltimore contest numbers as many as 200 people.

Members of the UW-Green Bay contingent included Ashley Kaster and Brian Long, Steadicam assistants; Julia Noll, Sarah Bielejeski and Kayla Detert, production assistants; Melissa Dobbs, main camera assistance; and Jeff Meyer, Justin Lecher, Paul Heim, Matt Williams, Jaron Jaeger and Andy Dockendorff, field crew. Heim is a LTE with Telecommunications, Engineering and Media Services, and Williams works full time with TEAM.

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