Jamie Pagel Witcpalek is featured as December’s ‘Stories from Experience’

Jamie Pagel Witcpalek

Jamie Pagel Witcpalek shares her insight with the Schneider Institute for Women’s Leadership as December’s Women Rising: Stories from Experience on Wednesday, December 6 at Mona Rosa Winery in Green Bay.

Jamie Pagel Witcpalek is the Chairwoman and Director of Culture for the Pagel Family Businesses. She is a leader and advocate for women in the world of agriculture. In addition to her pivotal role in the family business, Jamie actively contributes to the dairy industry’s advancement. She serves as treasurer on the Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative Board and holds the position of vice president on the Build the Future Board. Jamie passionately supports agricultural education for future generations through her involvement in an Ag advisory committee and the establishment of a high school-level PTA committee. She is an alumna of UW-Green Bay with a B.A. in Business Administration. As a widow, Jamie’s children drive her passion for securing their future and those of generations to come.

Wednesday, December 6
Mona Rosa Winery, 2696 Packerland Drive, Green Bay
4-5:30 p.m.

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