Harris plugs UW-Green Bay’s Middle East work, ‘citizen diplomacy’ on WPR

Jay Harris, UW-Green Bay’s coordinator of international projects, joined the discussion Monday of this week when Jean Feraca’s Here on Earth program tackled the issue of “citizen diplomacy” in general and Middle East outreach in particular. Harris called in to Feraca and shared the following:

• UW-Green Bay’s “young entrepreneurs” program, sponsored by the U.S. State Department to bring Jordanians and Israelis together to learn from American small business, is an example of both public- and citizen-diplomacy;

• The Green Bay area business professionals who hosted this year’s first exchange described positive, life-changing impacts from the experience and said the project diminished stereotypes on all sides;

• While not large on all the “official” radar screens, such behind-the-scenes, every-day diplomacy is worthy of support.

Listen to the WPR program on citizen diplomacy.

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