Campus police renew emphasis on pedestrian safety

UW-Green Bay Police are ramping up awareness of pedestrian safety on campus, using a radar trailer and other means to ensure walkers stay safe.

The impetus for the renewed focus comes in part from the Oct. 24 Chancellor’s Security Walk, an annual event that allows participants to help Public Safety officers identify areas where inadequate lighting, overgrown shrubs or pedestrian/traffic safety might be a concern. This year, pedestrian safety near Lab Sciences was mentioned as an issue — and officers have been quick to respond.

Public Safety has begun intermittently using a radar trailer on Lab Sciences Drive, hoping the device will cause drivers to better monitor their speed in that area. The trailer is on loan from the Green Bay Police Department, and UW-Green Bay Public Safety may use a $4,000 state of Wisconsin highway grant to eventually purchase its own, said University Police Chief Tom Kujawa.

In addition, Public Safety officers will be stepping up patrols in the Lab Sciences area, looking for speeders and drivers who are not yielding to pedestrians as required by law. Future efforts could include additional signage or flashing lights to further call attention to crosswalks and remind drivers to look for pedestrians.

“It’s just a reminder to people to be aware of it,” Kujawa said. “We have a lot of pedestrian traffic, and that includes students and others with mobility issues or special needs. We’re looking for cooperation and stronger awareness.”

More information on UW-Green Bay Public Safety is available online.