Search for Amber Wilde, missing since ’98, back in the news

Green Bay Police on Wednesday (Nov. 5) completed their latest search for evidence in the case of Green Bay area resident Amber Wilde, who was 19 when she vanished in 1998. The Green Bay Press-Gazette and other media outlets reported that officers searched about 30 acres in rural Portage County in connection to Wilde’s disappearance, though they didn’t say much about why they were there or what they may have found. “We can’t disclose what we were looking for, or any information that led us there,” Capt. Todd Thomas told the Press-Gazette. Police said the search involved an area that also was searched in 2000, but provided no additional information, the paper reported. Wilde had just moved to Green Bay in September 1998 — and was newly enrolled as a commuter student at the University — when she mysteriously disappeared. Her car was later found at a West Side parking lot. Full story.