‘Fourth Estate’ wants alumni to share old-time (and even newer-time) memories

Staff members with the student Fourth Estate are looking for alumni to answer a few questions for the Oct. 31 edition of the weekly newspaper, in advance of Alumni Reunion Days. Those who respond will have their name entered in a Phoenix Bookstore gift card drawing. The 4E also welcomes submissions of vintage photos. If you’re a grad, send your responses to Cheyenne Makinia at makicn06@uwgb.edu by Saturday, Oct. 26. The questions:
- What year did you graduate?
- What were your major(s) or minor(s)?
- What do you do now? (Job, family, location, etc.)
- What is your favorite memory of UW-Green Bay?
- What has changed most, if anything, from when you attended UWGB?

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