UW-Green Bay, System work to ease student transfer process

UW-Green Bay, System work to ease student transfer processThe University of Wisconsin System is accommodating more transfer students than ever these days, and UW-Green Bay is doing its part to stay at the forefront of that trend. Some 17,000 students are transferring into and within the UW System each year, and officials say easing that process is what’s best for students and schools alike.

“We know students transfer. We’ve accepted that fact,” said Jennifer Jones, assistant director for marketing, media and recruitment with UW-Green Bay Admissions. “We know that students are going to transfer away from us, and we’re going to get transfer students in. Making that process easier for them also helps with our retention, it helps with their satisfaction while they’re here — probably they’re more likely to get involved, and be leaders, if they had a good experience coming in.”

Senior Communication major Tricia Mahnke found what she was looking for at UW-Green Bay when she transferred after a semester at a small Wisconsin private college.

When I transferred here it was like an instant click,” Mahnke said. “I got that ‘second home’ feel — so I’m very, very happy with my decision.”

Students coming to UW-Green Bay from other UW schools or the Wisconsin technical colleges can see instantly how credits will transfer by using the online Transfer Information System. Admissions staff help fill in the gaps and advise students transferring from elsewhere.

“They want you to succeed here — everybody,” Mahnke said “They’ll give their best effort to help you have the best college experience possible.”

During the 2010-11 academic year, more than 1,100 students transferred to UW-Green Bay from other institutions. And no matter where a student gets his or her start, UW-Green Bay is committed to helping with a strong finish.

“And what we’re doing in the Admissions office is, we’re recruiting alums,” Jones said. “We’re not just recruiting students to come here; we want them to stay. So whether they come as a new freshman or a transfer student, that’s our focus.”

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