Couch for sale


There’s not much to the story of how a campus department (or departments) came to purchase and take possession of a sturdy, large and nicely appointed couch (photo above) suitable for use in a lounge or waiting area or, in this case, a social sciences lab where multiple researchers and subjects sit down for interviews.

It gets a little more involved, however, if you try to explain why, now that the office(s) in question no longer need this particular sofa, the larger university will find it more advantageous and cost-effective to find another internal buyer rather than pay to ship the brand-new, still-covered-in-plastic piece back to Badger State Industries for a refund, and a partial one at that.


FOR SALE-Beautiful, Brand new classic couch. Never been used-still wrapped in the plastic. Asking $1,101.87. Call (920) 465-2368. Staff member Nicole Miller is assisting Human Development and Information and Computing Science Department with the sale, if you have questions.