Institute on Race and Ethnicity grants for Vespia, Burns, Nia

The UW System Institute on Race and Ethnicity announced today (Sept. 14) the awarding of support grants for FY 2009-10. In the category of “Curriculum Development,” receiving grants to develop new courses at UW-Green Bay are:

• Prof. Kristin Vespia, Human Development, psychology, and Women’s and Gender Studies, for a project titled “Psychology and Culture.”

• Prof. Kathleen Burns, Human Development and psychology, for a project titled “Psychology of Stereotyping and Prejudice.”

Also, today, the Institute on Race and Ethnicity formally announced a third grant to UW-Green Bay, this time in the category of “Campus Activities.” (This was announced previously in this newsletter and on the campus webpage.)

• Recipients are Juliet Cole of the Institute for Learning Partnership and bookstore staff member Sherry Lacenski, a volunteer and dance manager with Green Bay’s Nia African/African-American Dancers and Drummers.

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