Phoenix Green Teacher Badge open to all UW-Green Bay instructors

Would you like to promote sustainability through your teaching? The Phoenix Green Teacher Badge program is open to all UW-Green Bay instructors. The program recognizes UW-Green Bay instructors who promote environmental sustainability through their teaching and seek to minimize negative environmental impacts associated with teaching. Instructors who successfully apply for the badge will receive a dated digital badge that they can display on syllabi, Canvas, and webpages. Badge recipients will also be displayed on the UWGB Sustainability webpage.

Since the launch of the badge in the Spring of 2021, 17 instructors, including people from all four colleges, have earned badges. The program is overseen by the UW-Green Bay Sustainability Committee and is administered by the UW-Green Bay Office of Sustainability, with assistance from the UW-Green Bay Center for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning (CATL).

For more information and to apply for a badge (by taking a survey), visit the Phoenix Green Teaching Badge page on the Office of Sustainability site.

Please direct questions or feedback to David Voelker, chair of the Sustainability Committee, John Arendt, director of the Office of Sustainability, or Daniela Beall, University Sustainability Coordinator.

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