New this year: Possible ‘express’ service, and a shady bus stop (sort of)

Included in today’s announcement is mention that the city and the University are exploring the development of direct morning and afternoon bus routes between campus and the downtown transfer station located near University and Webster. Last year Green Bay Metro made route changes that were more convenient to UW-Green Bay campus users. Any additional changes would likely involve a more direct trip with fewer meanderings to serve adjoining neighborhoods, at least at select times, to shave time off the downtown-campus leg of your commute.

The main UW-Green Bay bus stop is located at the Circle Drive Entrance to the Cofrin Library’s lower level. (A bus arrives and departs every 30 minutes during the workday, at roughly 15 minutes and again at 45 minutes after the hour. Just flash your ID card, and hop aboard.) As we mentioned in this space a few weeks ago, the recent purchase of a garden bench provides a welcome outdoor option, nice and shady, for those waiting on the bus. Check out the Backes bench in the Spurlock Garden, click here.

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