Founders’ Resch shares own reasons for giving back

Anita Resch, President, UW-Green Bay Founders Association

Anita Resch, the incoming president of the UW-Green Bay Founders Association, shared a powerful testimonial on Wednesday (Aug. 27) about the power of higher education.

Resch is a vice president and trust officer with Nicolet National Bank in Green Bay. As the new executive officer of the Founders Association board — the oldest fund- and friend-raising organization rallying private support for UW-Green Bay — she had the honor of bringing greetings from the Founders as part of the annual faculty/staff convocation on campus.

Resch told the more than 500 current and former employees, and fellow community representatives, that local support for the University is deep. Last year, more than 3,100 citizens, employees and alumni made financial contributions to the cause.

“We all have our own reasons for loving this University,” Resch said. She then went on to describe her own experiences as a part-time student who persevered to earn her degrees.

“My reason, as a single, non-traditional student and, at the time, a single mom, was that this campus and my professors gave me the opportunity to become strong and independent.”

There were many times, Resch recalled, that she brought her young daughter to class because she couldn’t find or afford a babysitter.

“She had her backpack of crayons and fruit snacks and, together, we went to class,” Resch said. “My professors and advisers were accepting… and amazing.”

Those faculty and staff encouraged her to continue down “the long road” of a part-time student, she said, and promised that she could do it if she didn’t give up.

“And they were right. I didn’t give up, and after my bachelor’s, I got my master’s. I truly believe that no other university would have helped me achieve my education the way that UW-Green Bay did.”

Resch closed by applauding today’s faculty and staff — including more than a few she knows well from her days on campus — for extending the same professionalism and encouragement to all students.

“On behalf of the Founders,” Resch said, “we continue to be amazed by the impact you have not only on students, but on this community as a whole. We’re honored to help support an institution that features so many employees determined to make a difference in the lives of others. It’s a partnership, and a partnership the Founders Association is incredibly privileged to be a part of.”

Resch earned bachelor’s degrees in both Business Administration and Human Development, and a master’s in Management.

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