UW Extension targets resources, info on drought

The northern two-thirds of Wisconsin has received significant rainfall in recent weeks, but southern sections are hard hit by continuing drought. Chancellor Ray Cross at UW Colleges and UW-Extension is advertising Extension as a clearinghouse for drought-related services and info. He points interested Wisconsin citizens to the following websites:

http://ready.wi.gov/ — This is the Wisconsin Emergency Management’s one-stop place for information related to all aspects of the drought.

http://farmertofarmer.uwex.edu/ — At this online marketplace, farmers in short supply of hay, forage and corn supplies can get help. There’s also a new feature on that site, which Cooperative Extension just created, to help drought-stricken farmers move their livestock to literally greener pastures.

http://fyi.uwex.edu/drought2012/ — The UW-Extension Drought 2012 website.

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