Perine and Fletcher reunite in Holland

Former Phoenix basketball player Bryquis Perine has signed a contract with the Stepco BSW team of the Dutch pro league. There he’ll team up with his UW-Green Bay running mate and fellow 2011 Human Development grad, Rahmon Fletcher. Perine played with a team in Hungary last season and averaged 13.7 points per game. (We got the gist of the story via a rough-but-free online translation of a short roundup from the Netherlands: the headline was “Second American Captured” – we guess that means “signed” — but this passage sure sounded like the Perine we knew: “He is strong in the penetration to the ring and scores frequently with floaters, but especially also has a good eye for the outstanding player. Defensively, he is male and he tackles many steals are by his long arms.”)
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