Patron saint of missing things is missing

The patron saint for things that are missing is missing.

Sometime before Sunday (June 14), someone stole the 4 ½-foot tall plaster statue of St. Anthony from the LeMieux Chapel in the campus arboretum.

“It’s one of those quirky things,” caretaker Norbert Jadin said of the irony that had the four local TV stations and the Press-Gazette cover the story. Jadin discovered the statue was gone when he went to check on the chapel Sunday morning.

Statue of St. Anthony

Statue of St. Anthony

Joan Jadin’s grandfather and great uncle built the chapel in 1925 and the statue has been a part of it ever since.

The Jadins, who maintain the upkeep of the chapel, aren’t sure why someone would steal the statue and said its loss almost feels like a “death in the family.”

They are hopeful for a quick return or recovery of the statue, and said if it’s not found, they will look to replace it soon.

Public Safety officers have searched in the vicinity of the chapel without success. They are also monitoring online sales and auction sites and inquiring with antique stores and religious supply stores to see if anyone tries to sell the statue.

Lt. Keith Rosin said it is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with knowledge of the missing statue is asked to call the Public Safety office at (920) 465-2300 or the Crime Stoppers Hotline at (920) 432-7867.

The Jadin family is offering a reward for information leading to recovery of the statue.

Chapel’s history
Inside, UW-Green Bay’s alumni magazine, featured the chapel and its caretakers in a February 2008 issue. The site was acquired by the University in 1984 as an addition to the Cofrin Arboretum. It had been in Joan Jadin’s family since it was built out of limestone taken from the surrounding escarpment in 1925. The chapel, the oldest building on campus, is always open to visitors who want to come in and explore, reflect or enjoy peace and quiet in the woods. A guestbook is available for visitors to sign as they stop in.

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Media Coverage
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