A Phoenix Reunion in North Carolina

On May 5, 2018 a group of alumni who attended UW-Green Bay together in the early 1970’s were reunited in Apex, NC. The Phoenix flew in from afar: Kate Joncas and David Traylor from Seattle, WA, and Kenn Entringer and his wife Marie from St. Louis, MO. Harry and Sally Sorenson from Springbrook, Wis., drove to Minneapolis and flew in for the reunion. Dan Rathbun and his wife Liz drove from Arlington, VA, Barb Kinzie from Charlottesville, VA, and George Noguchi from the D.C. area. Billy Marsh attended from Chicago. Bill Kreuztberger and Janine Boudreau attended from West Jefferson, NC. Gael McConneloug Thompson attended from Minneapolis. Kathy Murphy Lewis traveled from St.Louis. Harland Johnson and Anna Marie Ambrose from Chapel Hill, NC, hosted the Friday night reunion dinner, and Jeff Nelson and Jill Braser from Apex hosted the Saturday night reunion. The group shared their best college stories, great conversations and good food. Classic rock was played loudly at the reunion, and the group of friends danced like they did in the old days at Shorewood Golf Club on campus when it hosted local rock bands on weekends. Photo and text submitted by Jeff Nelson.


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