Vásquez has praise for UW-Green Bay

Regent Jose Vasquez
Regent José F. Vásquez of Wauwatosa delivered remarks on behalf of the UW System Board of Regents to open the 44th annual spring commencement at UW-Green Bay.

He thanked the grads for choosing a Wisconsin public university and in particular UW-Green Bay.

“As a Regent I should never take it for granted that just because we are a public system of universities and colleges we will automatically be the first choice or only choice for our students when it comes to completing their higher education goals,” he said. “Our public universities and colleges had to compete for your enrollment.”

Vásquez complimented UW-Green Bay and its chancellor, Tom Harden.

“UW Green Bay is growing in its recognition that an institution of higher education can become a prime contributor to the economic wellbeing of the community in which it is located,” Vásquez said. “ I would like to compliment Chancellor Harden for the excellent leadership he is providing in this effort.”

He closed with a plug for UW-Green Bay and the larger UW System.

“I have one favor to ask of you, our graduates: Spread the word about UW Green Bay. Let others know about the excellent education you received here,” he said. “In particular let elected officials know about the great education you received in a public institution. Let them know that their investment of tax dollars will be repaid many fold through the many great things that you, our graduates, will achieve throughout your careers.”

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