UW-Green Bay student Horner earns honorable mention with essay

Student Carleen Horner, a senior in Human Development, reports she has been notified she is the recipient of an honorable mention in the sixth annual UW System liberal arts essay competition. Her piece was titled “The 21st Century Toolbox: Putting a Strong Liberal Education to Work.” Horner plans to attend the award ceremony in Madison on Friday, April 15.
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Horner writes to the LOG, “ Had it not been for the professors, the diversity in the courses, and the opportunity to challenge myself academically, I never would have recognized my true potential. I consider these to be more than benefits of my education, but endowments from the entire University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus. I will be taking my 17-year-old son along to the ceremony so he can see what can be achieved when you set your goals high and be open to learn from every opportunity.”

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