Thinking 'outside the box' with Frozen Foods Month

The sign on the door to their suite suggests there’s a behavioral health specialist onsite, and maybe that’s a good thing.

The free spirits in the office  of the NEW Partnership for Children and Families have unveiled this month’s new decorating theme for their permanent office Christmas tree. As most of you are aware (well… maybe some… probably none) March is National Frozen Foods Month, and what better way to celebrate than by decorating an artificial indoor evergreen with food boxes. Of course! If the reasoning behind this choice remains a little sketchy, our source emailed the following rationale:

“We chose Frozen Foods, because it’s COLD OUT RIGHT NOW!! We decided to pick the most obscure National Recognition Day for the month of March. Plus, when you’re watching basketball games during March Madness, you go to your freezer & grab some frozen foodsJ Plus, after seeing Nursing’s March Madness Skeleton, we thought “he sure could use a little meat on his bones” and it made us think of frozen food.”

Our source also says they have a few more decorating ideas in mind for future displays as part of what has become an off-the-wall, attention-getting, stress-busting, quirky campus tradition. To see more of this month’s tree, click on images to see larger view.

New Partnership for Children and Families Frozen Foods Month Frozen Foods Month

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