Alumnus offers update on Haiti

One year after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, “the situation is not that good,” according to UW-Green Bay alumnus Carl-Eric Staco. Staco graduated in 2008 with a degree in Business Adminsitration. His sister Geraldine graduated from UW-Green Bay in 2009 with a degree in Communication and the Arts.

Carl-Eric provided an update on the situation in Haiti through a Facebook message sent to International Education Director Brent Blahnik. “People are still living in tents with no clean water and no sanitation. Most of the government controlled infrastructures such as the airport and the port haven’t been rebuilt yet and yet they are still being used on a daily basis,” he wrote. Staco says the recent elections were dominated by fraud. “The Haitian people are tired. Tired physically, mentally, and emotionally of the situation of the country,” he wrote. “Corruption is everywhere.” One positive from an economic standpoint, Staco reports, is that “many hotels that were hit are being rebuilt. New ones are under construction.”

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