Professor Chu speaks to Sports Illustrated En Fuego about table tennis being a platform for diversity and inclusion

Chair and Assistant Professor Alan Chu (Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology) spoke recently with Sports Illustrated about table tennis being a platform for diversity and inclusion. Prof. Chu has been a competitive table tennis player and internationally certified coach who actively promotes table tennis participation among individuals with diverse identities from various cultural backgrounds. He also helped create table clubs at every institution he has been including UW-Green Bay.

“Table tennis is readily accessible. It’s a sport that physical ability doesn’t limit players from participating,” Prof. Chu says. Table tennis athletes defy stereotypes. “In table tennis, elite athletes come in all different physical sizes; the best athletes in the world are indeed usually not the tallest or most muscular. Regardless of people’s able-bodiedness, they can be great players!” For instance, Paralympian Ibrahim Hamadtou plays table tennis with his mouth.

For the full article and video, see the SI En Fuego website.

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