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Dear Reader,

Today, I invite you to be a part of something extraordinary – the MMC Internship Program. The “Pass It Forward” program has been a resounding success, thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Packers Give Back and Nicolet Bank. This initiative has thrived, powered by the unwavering support of seasoned editors and writers from the Press Times in collaboration with talented interns from UWGB and St. Norbert College.

Pass It Forward is not just an internship program; it is a transformational journey. It is a collective effort that has led to positive change in our local communities. By filling the gaps where coverage of news was previously lacking, this program has given a voice to stories that matter. Concurrently, our interns have realized that they are not merely students; they are the future of journalism, learning and growing through “Earn Your Press Pass” webinars, on-site seminars, and hands-on experience covering real stories across sports, entertainment, and government.

The impact of this program reaches far and wide. Our sponsors have seen their names associated with the incredible work of our interns, earning well-deserved recognition for supporting local news. As a community, we have a chance to acknowledge and appreciate these businesses that have given us the gift of knowledge and insight.

But our journey doesn’t end here. We are on a mission to expand our reach and create more opportunities. In the coming year, we plan to extend Pass It Forward to other Wisconsin cities, including Wausau and Stevens Point. We also intend to welcome journalism and communications interns from a broader spectrum of schools, including both college and high school levels.

To make this vision a reality, we need your support. Whether you are a business owner, an influencer in your local or regional community, or simply someone who values the power of journalism and education, we invite you to join us. Together, we can nurture the next generation of storytellers and continue to shine a light on the stories that deserve to be told.

For more information and details on how you can become a part of our mission, please contact Let’s “Pass It Forward” and make a lasting impact on the world of journalism. Thank you for considering our call for support.



Source: Publisher’s Letter: “Pass It Forward”: Help Us Shape the Future of Journalism – The Press

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