‘UW-Green Bay is not going anywhere’: UWGB Manitowoc’s future amid changes

  • University of Wisconsin is making changes to some campuses; 2 going to online classes and another is being closed
  • UWGB Chancellor, Michael Alexander, does not foresee UWGB campuses having any changes
  • Manitowoc County Executive, Bob Ziegelbauer, says UWGB Manitowoc is incredibly important to the area

University of Wisconsin campuses are undergoing some major changes. We told you that two are going to online classes only, while another is closing.

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Chancellor, Michael Alexander, says not much has changed for UWGB and their campuses. He says UWGB Manitowoc is actually one of the fastest growing in the system.

“We’ve been really creative with how we’re driving enrollment there. We think about how we’re not just helping the people of Manitowoc but the public schools in Manitowoc,” Chancellor Alexander said. “Every student at one of our locations is a UW-Green Bay student and UW-Green Bay is not going anywhere.”

That’s good news for many in the area, including Manitowoc County Executive, Bob Ziegelbauer.

“We have a lot of pride in the Manitowoc County campus,” said Ziegelbauer. “It’s helped a lot of people in Manitowoc County get a college education.”

Ziegelbauer says he is not worried about any changes coming because of size and location.

“We’re far enough away from the UWGB Main Campus,” Ziegelbauer said. “We have a good enrollment, and it’s growing.”

Chancellor Alexander says the locations here in Manitowoc, as well as Marinette and Sheboygan are there to help students get an education.

“They maybe can’t drive to Green Bay,” Chancellor Alexander said. “They maybe can’t live in the dorms. They need a local option… that’s why we need that.”

Chancellor Alexander says the average age of UWGB students’ system-wide is 24.

We’re told the total enrollment for this fall semester is 9,728 and out of that, 400 are enrolled here at the Manitowoc campus.

Source: ‘UW Green Bay is not going anywhere’: UWGB Manitowoc’s future amid changes

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