Two state task forces formed in two days to focus on impact of artificial intelligence | WLUK

(WLUK) — The pros and cons of artificial intelligence have led to two state task forces being created in two days to focus on the issue and its impact on the workforce.

Governor Tony Evers issued an executive order on Wednesday to create a task force within the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

On Thursday, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos announced a bipartisan taskforce on AI has also been formed within the legislature.

The Industrial Revolution’s impact on the blue-collar workforce is how UW-Green Bay Information Systems Professor Gaurav Bansal compares artificial intelligence’s current impact on the white-collar workforce.

“Why it is becoming so scary and so quickly is because the Machine Revolution and the Industrial Revolution took so long to impact the workforce,” said Bansal. “AI is not taking that long to impact our workforce.”

Bansal says the evidence of AI’s rapid growth can be found here in Wisconsin. Eight years ago, he says he helped implement a master’s program for data science or artificial intelligence within the UW system.

“In 2015, nobody was thinking about data science,” said Bansal. “At least not in terms of master’s of data science. We were among the first in the country to launch the program on master’s in data science.”

Now, AI-related courses are even being taught in Green Bay high schools, according to Bansal.

State Representative Nate Gustafson (R-Fox Crossing) has been tapped to chair the legislature’s AI task force.

“We’re trying to get as much input as possible from all sorts of entities to really form legislation that has good guardrails, but doesn’t stifle the innovation of AI,” said Gustafson.

Gustafson, whose background includes IT and cybersecurity, says the legislature’s task force will begin public hearings next month with the hope of any necessary legislation being crafted for early next year.

“Our biggest concern is someone being caught saying something that actually isn’t them because it’s AI generated,” said Gustafson.

Gustafson says there will likely be collaboration between the legislature’s taskforce and the one Governor Evers is forming.

Evers’ taskforce will include members of his cabinet, college-level educators, and business leaders.

UWGB’s Bansal applauds the increased focus on the issue. He says it will be important for all people to remain creative as A-I continues to increase its presence.

“It is history driven, not future driven,” said Bansal. “Human beings can think about the future and prepare for the future and change themselves for the future. AI runs just purely on the basis of the rearview mirror.”

Source: Two state task forces formed in two days to focus on impact of artificial intelligence | WLUK

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