More media: Chancellor to appear on Monday’s WBAY noon show

Chancellor Gary L. Miller continues to make the local media rounds, and will appear live Monday (Aug. 18) on WBAY, Channel 2’s noon show with Kevin Rompa. Stream it live during your lunch hour (or catch the replay) here:

Replay: Miller interviewed live on Local 5
And speaking of media, Log readers may recall that Chancellor Miller was interviewed live Wednesday (Aug. 13) during the 4 p.m. Local 5 News broadcast. In a sit-down with anchor Chelly Boutott, Miller said he’s excited to be here and ready to take UW-Green Bay forward. “This is a fabulous University,” Miller said. “It has an imperative, just like every other public university has now, to educate students for the 21st century global economy, and get them in a position to be nimble in their careers and be good citizens. And that’s what we want to do at Green Bay, so we’ll work really hard this fall to develop a vision.” Miller, who is accustomed to warmer climes, also joked around about the area’s weather. “The weather’s perfect so far,” he quipped, “so I don’t understand what the problem is.” See the full interview.

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