UW System releases back-to-school plans students, faculty | Spectrum News

The UW System has officially released its recommendations for all 13 of its institutions, when it comes to re-opening for the fall 2020-21 semester.

“I think just the continued understanding that there are more steps we’re going to take, primarily long-term, in terms of changing behaviors to protect ourselves and other people,” says Vice President of Administration Robert Cramer.

This school year will look much different than years past, as it is beginning during a global pandemic. Recommendations for all UW schools include limiting class sizes to less than 50 students. Any class with more than that should be taught virtually.

Limiting the number of people utilizing the dining halls at one time is another suggestion.

“Social distancing continues to be seen as an important way to reduce the risk of exposing others,” Cramer says.

Each individual school will implement its own plan. UW-Green Bay and UW-Eau Claire are among the school that have already notified the public about their plans.

Source: UW System Releases Back-To-School Plans Students, Faculty | Spectrum News 1

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