UW Green Bay stands firm amidst report of financial challenges

The Universities of Wisconsin system recently released a comprehensive report that shed light on significant financial hurdles facing all 10 campuses. Despite concerns, UW Green Bay defended its economic stability and ongoing growth, challenging allegations made in the report.

The report, by Deloitte, highlights a series of financial struggles within the UW system, including declining state support, declining enrollment, inflation, and other challenges. The report recommended urgent action to be taken at seven of its campuses, citing risk to their financial futures.

At UWGB, the report points out strategic investments and rising expenses as culprits behind a reported deficit, potentially jeopardizing future success.

In response to these claims, UWGB Chancellor Michael Alexander urged a closer examination of each institution’s financial reality. While the UW system as a whole may grapple with financial strains, Alexander emphasized UWGB’s financial strength, reporting robust numbers for six consecutive years, despite a dip last year.

Chancellor Alexander also stressed the need to move beyond singular data points and consider current data from UWGB’s finances, highlighting an upward trend, and signaling positive growth for the institution.

UW institutions have already taken steps to address deficits across the system in the next decades including layoffs and voluntary buyouts for some UWGB employees, along with the realignment of academic programs at UW Oshkosh.

It is important to acknowledge that each university within the UW system tells its own financial narrative. UW Madison, for example, is excluded from the report due to its robust financial health.

Click HERE to read the entire financial report.

Source: UW Green Bay stands firm amidst report of financial challenges

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