Disrespect? Naw… just gotta beat who they put in front of you

The Green Bay Press-Gazette suggests a team with a No. 20 national ranking and a 24-game winning streak might have earned a better NCAA assignment than a No. 11 seed playing on its opponent’s home floor, but UW-Green Bay coaches and players are saying all the right things. They just want to play. Read more.

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The P-G lists UW-Green Bay’s last five NCAA seeds and pre-tourney records for comparison. It’s a nice reminder of how consistently excellent the Phoenix has been:

2012-13   29-2, seeded No. 11
2011-12   30-1, seeded No. 7
2010-11   32-1, seeded No. 5
2009-10   27-4, seeded No. 12
2008-09   29-3, seeded No. 11

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