Chancellor and Regent meet with local media

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Thomas Harden and Regent Judy Crain met with local reporters Wednesday afternoon to discuss their concerns with the Governor’s budget proposal. Harden says the proposed 11% cut, coupled with the previously announced benefits cuts as part of the budget repair bill, will have a significant impact on the University and its employees. Harden says the reductions will hurt all employees at UW-Green Bay, but it will be felt especially hard by employees on the lower end of the salary scale.

Concerns about recruiting and retention
During their interviews with reporters, both Chancellor Harden and Regent Crain expressed concerns about the low salaries at UW-Green Bay, particularly with regard to recruitment and retention of top faculty and staff. “We are a people industry,” Harden said. Without the ability to hire and keep talented employees, he added, “we will suffer as a university and the students will pay the price.”

Regent Crain: UW System a ‘source of strength’ in state
Chancellor Harden and Regent Crain both expressed their opposition to a plan to remove UW-Madison from the UW System. Harden said there are concerns about the impact the move would have on collaboration between the schools. He said it would be more effective for the universities in the UW System to work together to achieve more flexibility. Crain called the UW System “a source of strength” in the state. “All of our campuses need freedoms to make some decisions,” she said. Both agreed the proposal requires more discussion and in-depth review.

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