Chancellor says UW-Green Bay cut could be $3 million

In an e-mail Tuesday to faculty and staff, Chancellor Thomas Harden shared an update on the state budget and the anticipated reductions for UW-Green Bay.

As proposed by Gov. Scott Walker, the Joint Finance Committee approved cuts totaling $250 million for the UW System in the 2011-13 state budget. Because the Committee’s actions will result in UW-Madison staying in the System and receiving a proportional reduction rather the larger share previously envisioned, other state schools will have their reductions adjusted upward.

At UW-Green Bay, the base cut is now projected to be about $3 million. About half will be offset by increased tuition revenue. Chancellor Harden repeated his assessment that UW-Green Bay is relatively well-positioned to manage the cuts without layoffs. He also thanked those who advocated successfully for more management flexibilities and the Wisconsin Idea Partnership. The Chancellor’s June 7 message is archived here.

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