In the news: WPR covers Cat Island, Duck Creek grant for NAS

A federal grant that will aid UW-Green Bay scientists’ efforts to restore native plants in the bay got some airtime Monday (Nov. 24) on Wisconsin Public Radio. Associate Prof. Matt Dornbush spoke with WPR’s Patty Murray about the $225,000 grant, which will be used to help native plants — including bulrush, water celery and wild rice — make a comeback in the area of Cat Island and Duck Creek. “This is an amazingly unique project on a global scale,” Dornbush told Murray. “This type of stuff really hasn’t been done. So what we’re hoping to do is really try to develop restoration strategies. How do you actually restore these marsh communities to an area this big?” As we told you here previously, Dornbush, Prof. Bob Howe and Associate Prof. Amy Wolf, along with adjunct faculty member and UW-Extension environmental studies specialist Patrick Robinson, are the primary researchers for the study, with assistance from students Brianna Kupsky and Tom Prestby of the Environmental Science and Policy graduate program.

You can check out the WPR story, along with our UW-Green Bay News release, here:
WPR story
UW-Green Bay News release

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