Kaye writes ‘op-ad’ piece for today’s New York Times

UW-Green Bay Prof. Harvey Kaye, Social Change and Development, urges Americans to “build democracy and prosperity from the bottom up” in a fiery new ad appearing in today’s edition of the New York Times. The ad on Page A-23, or the op-ed page, of the Times says Americans must act on the democratic impulse handed down by our parents and grandparents – the people who confronted and beat the Great Depression. The ad written by Kaye, under the headline “Remember Who We Are,” is part of a populist campaign series sponsored by the Institute for America’s Future, a center of nonpartisan research and education that draws on a network of progressive scholars, activists and leaders across the country. In addition to running in today’s New York Times, the ad is available online at http://institute.ourfuture.org/.