Curling, anyone? Crew takes shine to restoring floor


A loyal reader of the Log faculty/staff newsletter took this smartphone photo the other day when he saw this energetic crew from Operations at work on the concourse (first-floor hallway) of the Cofrin Library.  “Looks like the UW-Green Bay curling team,” he said.

It does look a little like that, but it’s actually staff members Karen Nicholas, Eric Anderson and Lynn Renard using metal scrapers to do the painstaking work of stripping layers of coating from the original tile hallways. It is believed the flooring is original equipment, dating to the library’s opening in 1972, and that it has been at least a decade (or more) since the layers of wax buildup have been taken down to the tile surface.

They’re planning to get the weeks-long project completed relatively soon so a fresh coat of wax can be ready for traffic when most students and faculty return for the fall semester in late August.

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