Anger expert: ‘New York Times’ features work of Psychology’s Martin

Psychology Chair Ryan Martin was quoted at length in The New York Times late last week, sharing his research on online anger for a story that explores the phenomenon of social media rage. People tend to share the happiness of those they’re close to but are willing to engage in the anger of strangers, Martin said. In addition, people who engage in angry behaviors online are looking for validation. “They want to hear that others share it,” he said, “because they feel they’re vindicated and a little less lonely and isolated in their belief.” Martin’s research also shows that people who are susceptible to online rants tend to be angrier than the general population, and they express that anger in less healthy ways, he said. And while getting mad online might lead to a temporary sense of relief, Martin also found that “previous research on catharsis shows that people who vent end up being angrier down the road.” You can check out the NYT article, as well as our May 2013 Inside 360° magazine article on Martin’s research, by clicking the links below:
The New York Times
Inside 360° magazine (page 21)

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