Perkins on Schreiber headquarters as landmark downtown

There’s been much attention in recent weeks to Schreiber Foods’ plans to build its new corporate headquarters in the vacant former Washington Commons mall in downtown Green Bay. And while much of the talk thus far has focused on economic implications, UW-Green Bay’s Stephen E. Perkins weighed in Monday on the aesthetic possibilities of the new building.

Perkins, curator of art for UW-Green Bay’s Lawton Gallery, told WLUK, Fox 11 that the company’s headquarters has the potential to be a signature building downtown. “I think we could do with something really bold,” Perkins said. “I don’t think it necessarily has to be in the same style as what’s already there.” There are some attractive buildings downtown, he continues, but nothing that particularly stands out. Schreiber officials say they’re in the very early stages of the design phase. Read more.

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