Greenberg gets his due as ‘anthologist extraordinaire’

Tuesday’s obituary of the day in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel was a feature story about UW-Green Bay Prof. Emeritus Martin H. Greenberg, who died Saturday following a long illness. The article made the case that Greenberg, an editor and anthologist in his spare time, had his name on more different book covers (at least 2,500 anthologies, mostly science fiction, mystery and horror) than just about anyone in publishing today. The report also describes his close friendship and collaboration with the famous author, Isaac Asimov. “Marty Greenberg, for my money, is the best judge in the world where science fiction is concerned,” Asimov once wrote. Read the Greenberg article.

Remembering Martin Greenberg, the ‘Green Bay Packager’
Actually, the late Martin Greenberg — who enjoyed a measure of celebrity in the publishing world as an anthology editor at the same time he taught political science, Middle East affairs and geopolitics for UW-Green Bay — was remembered in two Journal-Sentinel articles today. The second is an online book blog; click here.

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