In the news: Meyer offers take on youngest users of classroom technology

The ever-evolving digital landscape — and its youngest users — was the subject of a recent story in The Post-Crescent of Appleton. Reporter Jen Zettel turned to our own Prof. Emeritus Tim Meyer for his thoughts on this digital generation, kids who have grown up with computers and mobile devices that are now making their way into the classroom. Common sense, not necessarily age, should govern how technology is used, Meyer said. “Age levels are at best general guidelines; they don’t always apply,” Meyer said. “A 3-year-old is different than a 4-year-old. One 8-year-old is different than another 8-year-old. There are obvious extremes that common sense tells us when it’s inappropriate or seems to be very appropriate.” There’s a lot of potential for student growth using new technology, Meyer said, but that potential can be squandered when not adapted to students and applied correctly. Full story.