Kaye counsels Obama to embrace FDR’s spirit for SOTU address

Prof. Harvey J. Kaye of Democracy and Justice Studies continues to be heard and read widely in the run-up to this spring’s release of his FDR “Four Freedoms” book. The latest national outlet to feature Kaye and his work is the political website The National Memo. Kaye is the author of the essay “Obama should look to Roosevelt in fight against inequality, Right Wing.” In it, he says the current President could do worse than emulate the bold vision shown by FDR in State of the Union Addresses calling for an “Economic Bill of Rights,” and the freedoms of speech, worship and freedoms from want and fear. Read more.

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Podcasts: The podcast is up from Jan. 7 and the syndicated Rick Smith Show: Where Working People Come to Talk. Harvey Kaye and the blue-collar, Pennsylvania-based host talked about FDR, social change, “The Greatest Generation” and what they agree is the need for working people to organize. Download the podcast.  Additionally, Kaye’s lengthy conversation with Madison radio host Allen Ruff is archived (look for Jan. 9 and Public Affair).

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