More CFPA: Warner, center referenced in Sunday editorial

Lora Warner was featured in a Sunday (Nov. 2) Green Bay Press-Gazette editorial that focuses on service learning and “Bridging the community disconnect,” as the piece was titled. Warner encourages students to engage in service learning and partner with community groups to learn about their needs, she said — and those experiences make a difference. “It has a huge impact on them when they can engage in the community,” Warner said. “We want to put out students who care and feel a community commitment and that they can make a difference.” Also during the weekend, UW-Green Bay’s “Steps to Make a Difference Walk” — coordinated by the Center for Public Affairs, which Warner heads — was featured, with photos, at the top of page A-3. We’ve linked to the Sunday editorial, and again to our “Steps to Make a Difference” photo gallery and feature post, here:
Green Bay Press-Gazette editorial
Steps to Make a Difference photo gallery

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