Equity 2.0 Advocacy with Kelly D. Holstine

The College of Health, Education, and Social Welfare is hosting Kelly D. Holstine on Tuesday, November 7 to discuss Equity 2.0 Advocacy. This interactive learning experience will take place in Wood Hall 117 at 5:30 PM. Kelly D. Holstine will discuss the difference between Equality vs. Equity 2.0, share personal stories, and give concrete strategies on how to increase Equity 2.0 Advocacy. This needs-based presentation is rooted in Equity 2.0; participants will help determine what topics are discussed and will have multiple opportunities to reflect and grow.

This event is open to all UW-Green Bay students, faculty, and staff.

About the Speaker: Kelly D. Holstine (she/her) is the owner of WordHaven BookHouse, LLC; an Equity 2.0 Consultant; a speaker; and an author/writer. Holstine is the 2018/2019 Minnesota State Teacher of the Tear, the 2018 Honoree for Minnesota Women Breaking Barriers, and one of Sheboygan County’s 2022 People of the Year. You can follow Kelly D. Holstine on Instagram: @kdholstine.