The Infinite Library : Jessica Campbell

Jessica Campbell’s The Infinite Library exhibition opens on Sept. 8th with an opening reception from 4 to 8 p.m. The exhibit runs through Oct. 6th.

Join us for an exhibition of old zines, new zines, and a space to enjoy them! Artist, writer, and cartoonist, Jessica Campbell brings the magic of Zines alive in her exhibition The Infinite Library.

Jessica Campbell is a cartoonist, visual artist and writer who is interested in how combining seemingly disparate media, subject matter and tone can be a tool for research and the production of knowledge. Her satirical drawings, comics and textiles expose everyday experiences that reveal the sexism women have faced throughout history, and presently. She primarily uses carpet to create figurative works that visually mimic latch hook rugs but deviate from this medium’s precedent in their subject matter, depiction style and scale.

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