Record level of student engagement for Innovation On-Ramp course ahead of 2023 competition

The Innovation On-Ramp course, a free, non-credit, five week learning experience, sparked student learning about steps in developing and pitching an innovative idea. Open to all UW-Green Bay students, 2022 was the second year of the Innovation On-ramp, this time with 310 students enrolled (up from 116 last year). Enrolled students were from all colleges and student levels across UW-Green Bay, as well as some high school students in the Early College Credit Program and seven graduate students!

This high impact learning experience occurred in October and November through a Canvas course with online self-paced content and an engaging workshop session each week. Students engaged in topics such as how to identify an innovative idea to determining a target market for one’s innovation.

Students who completed all six assignments in the course earned a WiSys Innovative Thinking Badge micro credential to add to their resume and LinkedIn Profile! Congratulations to the 47 students who got innovative and earned this badge (listed below).

The Innovation On-ramp Competition is on February 15, 2023! Any UW-Green Bay student with an innovative idea is invited to apply here by January 31, to pitch their idea live in front of a panel of judges for a chance to receive prize big money. 1st prize is $1,000, 2nd prize is $500, and 3rd prize is $250; Plus $100 for teams who participate as a student organization. The competition theme is “Innovation On-ramp To a Better Tomorrow” so if you have a creative idea to help solve a problem in the future, your pitch belongs in this event!

The competition is free and open to the public, so all are welcome to attend on February 15 at 4pm in Fort Howard Hall of the Weidner Center on the UW-Green Bay campus.

The Innovation On-Ramp course and competition are planned by an interdisciplinary committee at UW-Green Bay and WiSys:

  • Kathryn Marten, UW-Green Bay (Business)
  • Susan Gallagher-Lepak, UW-Green Bay (CHESW)
  • Wendy Holsbach, Manitowoc (CEO Assistant)
  • Sue Craver, UW-Green Bay (Business)
  • Nischal Thapa, UW-Green Bay (Business)
  • Nazim Choudhury, UW-Green Bay (Computer Science)
  • Myunghee Jun (Nursing & Health Studies)
  • Kim Krueger, UW-Green Bay WiSys Student Ambassador
  • Tony Hanson, WiSys
  • Evelyn Olson, WiSys

Congratulations to the below students who earned the Wisys Innovative Thinking Badge:

  • Adita Acosta
  • Hallie Allen
  • Kaitlin Beck
  • Nathan Beerntsen
  • Grace Beyer
  • Billie Burdick
  • Jasmine Boettcher
  • Brea Bostedt
  • Cameron Cichocki
  • Winston Cleveland
  • Zach Criter
  • Kylie Cwikla
  • Kassi Dobbins
  • Evan Dorner
  • Emily Einerson
  • Franki Formas
  • Abbey Francis
  • Ellie Frisch
  • Mason Gates
  • Noelle Haenggi
  • Benjamin Holtz
  • Kiera Kahl
  • Anna Lee
  • Nit Lee
  • Aaron Lembke
  • Vienna Lindemann
  • Aidan Markwardt
  • Kim Meltz
  • Trent Meyer
  • Olivia Mott
  • Hunter Nau
  • Ashleigh Olson
  • Savannah Otto
  • Evan Peterson
  • Bo Peterson
  • Aubrey Pinkerton
  • Brianna Rogers
  • Lyndsay Sass
  • Jon Schinke
  • Jennifer Shove
  • Yvette Taylor
  • Ben Thomas
  • John Uhl
  • Cameron White
  • Erik Williams
  • Abi Wise

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