Items needed for soldier ‘care packages’

In conjunction with the annual Chancellor’s Veterans Reception to be held on campus Friday, Nov. 9, beginning at 4 p.m. in the Phoenix Room of the University Union, the UW-Green Bay Vets 4 Vets Club will be collecting donated items to be forwarded to active-duty military personnel.

Following the reception on Friday, there will be a collection point in the Financial Aid Office for care package items until the packages are mailed Dec. 10.  Contact person for the reception and care packages is Elaina Koltz, Financial Aid Office, (920) 465-2065 or

Koltz says the following list has been put together with input from veterans newly returned to campus:

Protein and energy bars (Cliff Bars, Special K Cereal, e.g.)
Drink packets (KoolAid, Crystal Light, e.g.)
Hand sanitizer
Christmas candy (chocolate is okay to send during the winter months)
Beef jerky
Protein powder
Sunflower seeds
Tuna in foil pouches
Trail mix
Hard candy/cookies
Microwaveable food item (mac’n’cheese, etc.)
Toys and candy to distribute to children
Games (card games or board games)
Baby wipes
Tissue packets
Floss picks
Body wash
Outdoor magazines
Mechanic gloves
Sugar and creamer packets
Calling Cards (AT&T International, e.g.)

Additional comments from service members about possible items that are most appreciated:

  • “Items that can be put in a microwave as it is rare to find any cooking surface similar to a stove.”
  • “Items that you can add hot water as coffee pots and small portable water heaters are somewhat available, however not as much as a microwave.”
  • “Some travel containers that randomly become needed when least expected like soap dishes accidently left in the shower and lost.”
  • “If you are looking to send to large groups I would recommend big bags of anything, otherwise “fun size” is more than adequate. (Chips, candy, cookies.)”
  • “One thing I would like to note is some things can get redundant and anything random or uncommonly used or eaten is nice (new flavor chips, cookie stix, candy not seen since being a kid). Basically we will try most anything.”
  • “Toiletries are okay if they are brand name.  It’s more of a reminder of being at home.  People will send tons and tons of cheap tooth brushes and off-brand tooth paste, shampoo, body soap, etc.., but it’s cool to get some nicer toiletries such as Axe Deodorant (for men) and Tampax Pearl Tampons (for women).”
  • “Any kind of packaged meat or tuna is really nice.  Tortillas to put that stuff on.   Any sort of simple meal that can be made with just boiling water is always good.”

Donations toward the cost of postage are also greatly appreciated.

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