For sale: Many large LCD monitors, at low, low prices

The good people in Computing and Information Technology inform us they have an excess of LCD monitors in inventory which are being offered for sale to campus departments as an inexpensive way to obtain a two-monitor setup.  The monitors are all 19” widescreens for the following prices:
New HP 19”  (3 yr warranty)  $155

• HP 19”   (1 yr warranty)    $ 65
• Gateway 19”  (no warranty)  $ 30

The Help Desk will process the monitor purchases, but they request that you e-mail (instead of phone) the request to them at with the following information:
• Contact name

• Contact phone

• Contact e-mail

• Type of monitor requested: (first come/first served)
• GB# of machine receiving 2nd monitor (to ensure correct adapter is brought)
• Funding code

The Help Desk will deliver the monitors as their schedule allows. 

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