Prof. Brian Merkel awarded Medical College of Wisconsin-Green Bay’s distinguished faculty award

Prof. Merkel pictured with Becky, UW-Green Bay, CSET alumna and Luke, graduate of the Medical College of Wisconsin-Green Bay. (photo courtesy of Brian Merkel)

Congratulations to Prof. Brian Merkel for receiving the distinguished faculty award from the Medical College of Wisconsin – Green Bay. Each year the graduating class of medical students selects one faculty member to receive the distinguished faculty member award based on their experiences at the Medical College of Wisconsin-Green Bay. The Medical College of Wisconsin has three campuses (Milwaukee, Green Bay and Wausau), and an award ceremony is held at each location for the graduating class of medical students.  The MCW-Green Bay award ceremony was held at Lambeau Field.

Prof. Merkel’s survival of acute myeloid leukemia (treated in 1984 with a 10% prognosis ) is a testament to the value of science and medicine, and this fuels his dedication to teaching the next generation of physicians and scientists. “To receive an award from medical students who may go on to save the lives of others for something I do gratefully to pay this gift forward, is a humbling reality to say the least, “said Merkel. “From a Human Biology standpoint, I hope these recognitions by our faculty help demonstrate our commitment and capacity to inspire and prepare the next generation of scientists and healthcare professionals to the campus and region.”

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