Changes in snack/beverage contract on campus

Every five years the snack and beverage vending service for UW-Green Bay is placed out for competitive bid. This summer, the bid process involving the University and the UW System Office of Procurement concluded with Konop Vending retaining the beverage portion of the contract. Canteen Vending Service – represented locally by BE’s Coffee and Vending – acquired the snack, food, and coffee portion of the contract.  “These two vendors have excellent local reputations and expectations are high that both will continue to provide excellent service and product for the UW-Green Bay campus community,” says the project’s coordinator, Rick Warpinski of the University Union. The contract requires that most of the existing equipment be replaced with new or like-new machines to ensure operating efficiency and to stay current with the latest technology.

Switch will take some machines off-line between now and Aug. 27

The changes to the camps vending situation means an equipment transition will occur between now and Friday, Aug. 27, in which produce stock is reduced and machines moved out with new machines arriving a few days later.  While the equipment is removed, custodial personnel will have some time to clean the areas underneath and behind the equipment. Says Rick Warpinski, “We realize this transition may cause some inconvenience and we apologize for that in advance.  Please know that we are doing our best to manage through this transition and that both of our vending partners – Konop and BE’s – will be diligently working to lessen the inconvenience to all.” Should you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding vending services, call (#2090) or e-mail (  to reach Warpinski, director of the University Union.

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