Thinking about asking for donations? Consult Tracy in Advancement, first 

Many departments, faculty and staff groups, and programs here on campus solicit donations for raffle items, prizes and food from outside organizations for special events and activities throughout the year. This notice serves as a friendly reminder that all solicitation requests must first be approved by the Advancement Office. Any group that wishes to seek donations as an official University of Wisconsin-Green Bay-affiliated group must get approval from the Advancement Office prior to soliciting for their event. The request must include a full list of businesses and organizations your group intends to approach, as well as a copy of the letter of solicitation your group intends to send. The letter must include the following information:

• Name of department, program, or organization
• Purpose of the request
• Contact person for your organization
• Nature of your request (i.e., request for raffle items, prizes, give-aways, gift cards)
• Date, time and location of your event (if applicable)
• Who will benefit
• How donors will be recognized and thanked

Requests can be sent to Tracy Heaser in the Advancement Office by email at with the subject line “Solicitation Request,” or by campus mail. For more information or questions, you can also contact Tracy by phone at x2212.

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