UW-Green Bay alumnus launches dating app, CoyAmore

Jon Pethke, ’89 has created a dating app for the introverted community, called CoyAmore. Pethke graduated with a degree in Organizational Leadership and is currently CEO of Introwoo, the business that created the app. In the search for a dating app that fits the shy community perfectly, founded CoyAmore: A brand new dating app with novel features that makes online dating a smooth and comfortable experience and offers introverts a space to truly be themselves without being overwhelmed. According to the news release:

“Jon Pethke CEO and USAF veteran states “The tendency of an introvert is to be a homebody, making love difficult to attain. Introwoo is here to help introverts bridge this gap.”

Guru Angisetty, CEO of Codeglo Technologies and partner to Introwoo, states “research suggests that an estimated 30% of the world’s population identify as introverts, but there isn’t a dating app out there that caters to this significant demographic. CoyAmore will be a gamechanger for introverts who have had to rely on popular dating apps fundamentally designed fo rextroverts”.

David Brier, considered Googles #1 branding expert, stated “It’s very cool. I love the concept; it just inherently has some fun to it”. CoyAmore provides a safe and comfortable dating experience for the introverted community. We offer a platform that is mindful to the average introverts’ dating experience by providing a community catered to introverts, removing the fear of asking someone out, and custom matchmaking directly relating to the five love languages. The expenditure go energy in the dating world can be exhausting so we say, ‘Sustain energy. Match comfortably'”

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